Why choose Digidash?

Vaughan has over 25 years experience in the mileage correction industry and has traded under the name Digidash since 1992. In 1999 our website www.digidash.co.uk was launched and was one of the first mileage correction companies to advertise on Google.

Vaughan brings a vast amount of experience with him and coupled with the fact that he has worked in the motor industry for the last 30 years means you get a top quality service from someone that knows cars inside out.

The mileage correction industry has expanded dramatically in recent years due to internet exposure, but like a book, you cannot always judge a company by its websites’ appearance. We’ve watched many companies appear over the last few years and they disappear within months, their phone numbers change all the time and they have no landline or office base. The people who start these ‘companies’  have usually read a badly informed article or bought into a get rich quick scheme and purchased some inferior equipment from eBay thinking they would be an overnight success. They usually don’t last long as their inferior equipment and lack of knowledge leads to shoddy jobs and dashboard failures. 20% of Vaughan’s workload comes from the poor workmanship of other companies.

Vaughan is renowned for being an authority on the subject and regularly gets other professionals asking him for advice.

Call Vaughan now to book your mileage correction service on 07831 258999.