Mercedes Mileage Correction

Vaughan can carry out mileage correction on almost all Mercedes vehicles, from the mechanical W202 C Class right up to the state of the art W222 S Class. The early Mercedes models were fairly basic EEPROM systems and could be completed very easily, but from 2008 onwards things got very difficult and some very specialised equipment needed to carry out mileage correction. The secure micro fitted to the Mercedes key module needed to be programmed and proved very difficult and time-consuming to find reliable, safe equipment that was up to the job. Eventually, a quality piece of equipment was found and after extensive testing purchased to allow the safe programming of the key module.

That was great until Mercedes launched the  W176 A-Class, W205, C Class and W222, S Class. These vehicles proved to be another major problem for our software suppliers, and other avenues had to be found to work on these vehicles.  Various solutions are available so please contact Vaughan as soon as you receive your Mercedes A Class 197, C Class 205 or S Class 222 to discuss your options.

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