Ferrari Mileage Correction

The principle of mileage correction on a Ferrari is the same as on any marque, however, the actual job is very different in as much as I am taking apart your pride and joy. When I arrive I can sense your anxiety so I have written this to help put your mind at rest.

Since I was 16 all I’ve ever done is take cars apart and more importantly put them back together again and that in my mind is the most important part of the correction. When I’ve finished working on your pride and joy each and every screw, bolt, nut and washer will have been refitted with the utmost care.

As with all marques there are techniques I’ve learned over the past 20 years and the Ferrari models are no different, for instance when I do a Ferrari 360 I drop the steering column down and remove the paddle shifts so as to be sure the highly polished finished of the dash and surround are not marked when removing the dash pod. The same applies when refitting, with these parts out of the way the job is much safer, so those extra minutes spent lowering the steering column ensure a perfect mileage correction.

On the later Ferrari models I can program via the OBD.

Gearbox or TCU mileage must be carried out on all models from 2004. The TCU stores miles covered in each gear and must be adjusted to reflect Odometer mileage.

I hope this helps to reassure you that your Ferrari is in safe hands.

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