Meet Vaughan

Meet Vaughan the mileage correction expert

Being brought up on a farm there was always something that needed mending so I was a dab hand with the spanners and welding gear by my early teens.

I left school at 16 and started work at the local independent garage where I learnt the trade. I became an MOT tester and skilled welder before moving on to racecar preparation with a great friend and hot rod world champion George Polly at his workshop in Heathfield.  I’d always wanted to work at the main dealer, more to see how having the manufacturers back up and their vast resources would be like so my next move was to a Volvo and then BMW main dealers. To be honest, the main dealer was a complete letdown, book time and the bonus was all it was about and how much you could charge the customer. A friend purchased some mileage correction equipment but with no mechanical skills could not use it so asked for my help. As it happened the equipment was rubbish but it did open my eyes to a new market. After much research and poor equipment, I was introduced to Elprosys, a polish company who had just released the DP mileage correction equipment. The equipment was more advanced than anything else on the market but there were problems. The instructions were in Polish, Elprosys had no English speaking staff, but together we rewrote the instruction manual and Elprosys employed English speaking staff to help with UK Business and we now have a great working relationship going back over 15 years.

My first website was built and launched in 1999 and what a response, in those days there were very few other company’s on the search engines so demand was great.

The new website was launched last year with the aim of giving you all the information you need about mileage correction, I hope it serves its purpose.

Over the years I’ve come across new equipment and some great dealer level software that means I can carry out a complete mileage correction service including all service information and fault codes.

As you can see I do know cars and mileage correction inside out and there are very few who can match this, so why would you chose anyone else????