Aston Martin Mileage Correction

POWER, BEAUTY, SOUL, If you own an Aston Martin you will know what I am talking about. This is a very unique dashboard with a series of messages that appear when it is first activated. All Aston Martins need to have the dash cluster removed to carry out mileage correction,  this involves removing various leather panels around and above the dash cluster. Vaughan has a vast amount of experience with Aston Martins as he has completed  mileage correction on hundreds of Aston Martins over the course of his 20 years of experience in Mileage correction. Below is a list of the Aston Martins that Vaughan currently supplies a mileage correction service for.
  • Aston Martin DB7  All Models
  • Aston Martin DB9  All Models
  • Aston Martin DBS  All Models
  • Aston Martin V8  All Models
  • Aston Martin V12  All Models
  • Aston Martin Cygnet
Call Vaughan to book your mileage correction service on: 07831 258999  or use the contact page. Click here for more mileage correction info.