Mileage Correction Equipment

I am a big advocate of the phrase  “you get what you pay for”

This is perfectly illustrated when it comes to mileage correction equipment.

The best mileage correction equipment is expensive, so I spend a great deal of time researching what is available on the market. I do not make a purchase until I’ve visited a company, researched their facilities, and got a real feel for their product and support staff.

The Elprosys DP4

The Elprosys DP4 is the best mileage correction equipment on the market, and has been for ten years.

Built in Poland at the company’s state-of-the-art development and research centre, the machine is designed to the highest specification and uses the most advanced software available.

It is the safest and that’s crucial; all mileage, service and chassis number data is backed and can therefore be reinstated if needed.

Smelecom DSP3

Having praised the Elprosys DP3, there is not a single correction machine on the market that covers every vehicle.

I also use the Smelecom DSP3 machine, which is especially effective on the German models.

There is a huge price difference between the mileage correction equipment listed above and the clone equipment on eBay. This is reflected in the cost of the service offered.

I also use dealer-level diagnostic equipment to adjust service data and clear fault codes on all marques.

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